Storage as in-kind benefits optimization

The idea of using a battery as energy storage has always existed. Today, technology is so advanced, that there are numerous storage systems as a combination of energy producer (PV) and energy storage (battery) on the market. The basic principle consists of the thought, that the individual household can be supplied with self-produced energy completely or at least to a big part.
This is called the “in-kind benefit optimization”.

As the interface between the PV-installation and the public net, the Sunny Backup-System offers two possibilities: the intermediate storage of solar electricity in order to raise the individual use of electricity and a secured electricity supply even during net failure. With the Sunny Backup, the stored solar electricity is always at hand, when the consumers need it – even after sun set.

The natural in-kind benefit refers to the energy that I can supply for myself with a PV-installation in the course of a day, without the need of a battery.
The optimized in-kind benefit is in combination with a storage medium. The energy produced by a PV-installation is fed into the storage medium and then used during hours with little gains (evening/ night hours).

Below is an example of what a day of a storage system with PV-installation looks like.

This kind of self-use or in-kind benefit should be the goal in the future. In Switzerland there are only a few cases where it is possible to use this kind of energy management or SMART Metering. The legal regulations are lacking.

SMA already offers 3-phase battery systems today, from the little systems Sunny Backup S, M, L up to the big cluster systems constructed in modules.

These systems will be even more efficient in the future. Especially concerning batteries, more importance will be placed on lithium-ion-batteries. They are cycle resistant and are characterized by very little storage losses.

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Source:SMA Solar Technology AG