SOLARWATT Glass-Glass-photovoltaic panels are long-lasting and extremely resilient to all kinds of weather impact. At the same time, however, they are light like conventional glass-foil photovoltaic panels and can be just as easily mounted.

The new generation of Glass-Glass-Photovoltaic panels is characterized by the following product advantages:

  • Super-light weight due to 2mm thin glass
  • Highest gain reliability
  • Highest mechanical resilience
  • 100% protection against PID
  • Highest fire safety
  • 30 years product guarantee
  • 30 years linear performance guarantee.


Highly efficient photovoltaic panels

It is a fact: The panels from SunPower® are those Photovoltaic panels that produce the most energy on the market at the moment and with this they help you to get more income from your roof.
SunPower®-panels deliver more than 50% more power than conventional panels and between two to four times as much power as thin-layer panels.

In addition, on SunPower-panels you get

25 years of guarantee for panels and workmanship and

25 years of guarantee for electricity production.

There is a choice of 4 panel series: there are 18%-, 19%- , 20%- or new 21% panel efficiency range.

NEW!! Sunpower is the first panel producer that has set the product-performance guarantee to 25 years.