March 2015

One of the first PV-installations with in-kind benefit including numerous places of consumption.

With their PV-installation of 17,71kWp, Family Früh can cover their own energy demand with solar energy up to 100% during daytime.

This is also one of the still few installations, in which numerous tenants can profit from PV-electricity.

We want to thank Family Früh and also the EKZ dearly for the great technical support.


March 2015

The first industrial PV-installation was taken into operation by activ solar successfully in the community Gossau.

The company Industrie Metall is now able to use about 90% of the produced solar electricity for itself in the production process. This leads to a reduction in energy costs for the company.

The client can profit from single-payment and hereby receives the promised grants from the state.

We want to say thank you again for the great project and wish the brothers Angst all the best with their Asgard fire stove, which is now produced partially by solar electricity.


January 2015

Installation of battery storage for an entrepreneur family in the canton Appenzell. The existing PV-installation was also attached to the battery system, in order to increase the in-kind benefit. The system can also operate in the so-called replacement electricity mode (without net). The switch time takes only a few seconds. According to the local energy provider SAK, this is the first and biggest storage within the net area. The battery blocks with a size of 14,8kWh are fed by a 12kWp PV-installation, and with this the in-kind benefit is increased and the client can further expand his autarchy (independence from the net).

The inverters were modernized and provided with Bluetooth-interfaces accordingly. With the Energy Meter the energy household can be recorded at any time.


November 2014

Revision der Energieverordnung per 1. Januar 2015

Bern, 05.11.2014 - Anlagen zur Stromproduktion aus erneuerbaren Energien sollen rascher und günstiger realisiert werden können. Deshalb senkt der Bundesrat die Photovoltaik-Vergütungssätze für die kostendeckende Einspeisevergütung sowie die Einmalvergütung in zwei Schritten per 1. April und per 1. Oktober 2015. Diese und weitere Änderungen hat der Bundesrat in einer Revision der Energieverordnung festgelegt, die per 1. Januar 2015 in Kraft tritt.


September 2014

activ solar Schweiz was permitted to build one of the few PV-installations on tunnels alongside the A1 for the community Rüdtligen-Alchenflüh. PV-installations were constructed onto both ends of the tunnel cover, run by the ASTRA (Amt für Strassen, Department for Roads). This installation has a total of 233kWp power with altogether 933 panels.

The specialty of this installation consists of the fact, that two feeding sites had to be constructed.

The developed installation is able to provide 45 households with energy.

With this, we would like to thank all those involved for the wonderful cooperation.


August 2013

The PV-installation was implemented ca. 800m.a.s.l. The access on a rocky road with an according incline was a special challenge for us.

With this, the farmer in Fischenthal can use a large part of his energy himself.


March 2013

We were able to implement the first big industrial installation in Buchs ZH. The ca. 203kWp with 10 inverters of the brand SMA STP17000TL-10, provide around 182MWh annually.

The inverter was installed into an already existing container.


January 2013

activ solar was able to realize an installation in Aigle VD for an investor.

The ca. 1800 Photovoltaic panels were mounted to the roof membrane with little aluminum rails.