Individual Consulting (on site-appointment)

You contact us and we make an on-site appointment. Maybe you already have the roof mass and the alignment of the object ready, otherwise we set up a location evaluation.

Planning phase

Our team will plan and calculate the optimal alignment of your installation. The goal is the highest possible cost-use-factor of the planned installation. This contains the choice of the suitable substructure, inverter and solar panels.
Furthermore, the testing and preparation of all permits and registrations is part of our work.

Offer phase

An offer is written based on the elaborated data. The complete installation contains panels and inverters that are delivered by the current market-leading suppliers.

Execution Phase and Activation

The ready-to-use implementation of your solar installation contains:

-Installation and mounting work

-Registration at the local energy provider

-All technical approvals from authorities and activation

Finishing / Rework

After activation of the facilities, a document folder is handed over to the client, containing the most important data.