1. Sunpower has the complete value added chain from the quarrying of the silicone up to the system.

2. High investments in product development, still leading efficiency >22%

3. Cell construction, Sunpower backside contact cells provide high efficiency with 22.4%. No light- and induced degradation.

4. Surface gain by contact cells on the backside. All contact areas on the front side of conventional panels add up to a surface of 6.2% of the space (ca. 4 cells) that is covered.

5. Sunpower is the first module producer to offer product and service guarantees of 25 years!

6. More kWh per kWp, Sunpower Panels generate an average of 6% more energy.

7. More power with the same surface; this means that the roof surface can be used optimally and compared to standard panels, they reach a higher module performance on your roof.

8. Long presence on the market:
1976: Dr. Richard Swanson starts with the development of photovoltaic cells with high efficiency at Stanford University/California.
1985: Founding year of Sun Power Corporation.
1988: Application of the solar cell in concentrator systems.
2000: AeroVironment (NASA) for the Helios Solar airplane (height record 96.500 ft.)
2005: Stock market launch of Sun Power Corporation (NASDAQ)

9. Regional HQ: San Jose (California), Frankfurt am Main, South Korea, Philippines
Regional Office: Singapur, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Jersey, Hawaii

10. Optics:
-Calm, especially beautiful module optics due to backside contacts
-Black, eloxed module frame
-Little rhombuses in the white series
-Completely black module series