Business area: Coordination/Procurement/Techn.Planning

Philipp Frommenwiler, El.Technician TS, working in the field of PV since 2007. Planned and realized projects in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Business area: Purchase/Logistics/Planning/Realization

Bernd Dussel, Dipl. Ing. FH, working in the field of PV since 1992. Planned and realized projects in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Abu Dhabi.


The experienced team has implemented projects with a total volume of more than

36MWp of installed photovoltaics power so far. This compares to:

-25 soccer fields

-about 138'461 panels with about 177'230m² module surface

-Reduction of 20'000t CO².

-enough to provide ca. 7600 households with clean energy.



We consider it as reality, that the fossil fuels will be superseded by renewable energies and that we will solely produce clean energy.

Future-oriented and global actions. High customer satisfaction. Part of the energy turnaround.

The solar installations are to be part of the building covering and should already be incorporated into the planning phase of each building. They are supposed to become part of the housing technology. Sensitization of the building contractor, architects and clients about the possibilities of solar technology and of photovoltaics especially.